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Expertise in road construction, widening, conversion, strengthening and beautification; construction of associated road bridges and flyovers

Projects executed/under excution

  • Four-laning of the Aluva Angmali section of NH-47 in Kerala.

  • Four-laning of 37.2 km of NH-1 from Panipat to Karnal.

  • World Bank funded State highway assignments of over 150km. in Mizoram.

  • Four-laning of 9.5 km Phagwara Bypass for Punjab PWD.

  • Punjab PWD-commissioned Ropar- Balachur road of 21.55 km.

  • 68 kms of State Highways in Karnataka.

  • 80km of roads in the city of Patna, Bihar

  • 150km of roads in south Bihar under CPWD.

  • Construction of Flyover on Salt LakeBypass near intersecting point of J. K. Saha / Wipro, Kolkata

Tantia’s value proposition

Tantia provides a diverse competence in the construction, widening, conversion, strengthening and beautification of roads.

Tantia has constructed over 250 km of roads in the hilly areas of Mizoram, coastal areas of Kerala, plains of Punjab/ Haryana and plateaus of Karnataka. The company boasts of not only a significant investment in plant and machinery but also high standards of quality assurance and control. This is accompanied by an established mechanical department and maintenance and supervisory teams.