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Under guidance of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Tantia Constructions has significantly contributed to the development and upliftment of the poorest of the poor. About 20% of the population of kolkata live in slums, and it has been a matter of social satisfaction to the board of directors to have provided sanitation facilities and basic amenities to over 27 slums in and around Kolkata.



Considering every child is an asset for the nation, Tantia Constructions Ltd is giving its support to Oxygen ..a Movement by promoting greeting cards made by students to meet their school fees for personal and corporate use and thus cooperating this educational movement in making education the biggest issue..

When going on a pilgrimage, a resting place is essential. In Kedarnath , Tantia Constructions has constructed weather proof accommodations for pilgrims. At the same time advanced technology from Malaysia for low cost housing was incorporated.

Tantia Constructions has donated itís old computer for spreading training and awareness in villages of West Bengal.