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At Tantia, we achieve results from activities that deliver the largest good to the widest number. In doing so, we take pride from the fact that social respon- sibility is integral to economic viability.

At Tantia, this sustainability has been derived from the following features:

Mr I.P. Tantia



We have specialised in railway infrastructure, which is expected to receive a big boost with the commissioning of passenger and freight corridor between the four metro cities of India and associated civil construction. Simultaneously, we have developed our core strength in roads and urban development. We have also enhanced our portfolio by entering into the marine infrastructure, aviation and power transmission sectors because they hold out significant potential for sustainable growth.

Customer profile

We work on a number of government-commissioned projects because they reflect national priority, enable us to capture a growing market share of similar projects, represent the safest risk and enable the Company to
directly enhance the quality of life.

Robust funding

A significant number of projects we work on enjoy committed funding from the World Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation or the Asian Development Bank, de-risking us from funding delays and incompletion.

Regional focus

The resurgence of Eastern India has thrown a number of opportunities our way through investments in creating infrastructure for increasing industrial activity, growing trade and commerce and enhancing demand for real

International spread

We have enhanced our international experience through projects in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan in association with active local partners, a valuable precursor to our prospective entry in neighboring underdeveloped countries and the fast-growing ASEAN.

Stable materials policy

We procure key material inputs directly from reputable manufacturers to enable us to strengthen our quality controls and minimizes rework arising from material variations.


The Company’s existing management information system and control systems are set for a giant leap with the implementation of SAP. The system, in effect across all our zonal offices and major project sites, is expected to strengthen networking and quicken decision-making.

Prudent recruitment

We create long lasting trust and win-win partnerships through recruitment from within the local population, resulting in a better understanding of the geographic terrains and local work practices.

The net result of this business model is a rare distinction of growth in our business in good times and bad and having completed every single assignment we embarked upon in the 49 years of our existence.

I am confident that these fundamentals will stand the Company in good stead leading to increasing wealth for our shareholders and justifying our strong presence in the business of the future.