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New lines. New bridges. Dedicated freight corridors. A record budgetary allocation of Rs 37,000 cr. The investment in India’s railways is expected to be Rs. 1,495 billion over 2008-12. Tantia enjoys a four-decade experience in the business. Providing end-to-end solutions. Across challenging terrains. The complement is likely to translate into bigger business.

Tantia’s exposure to the railways segment

Tantia Constructions is today one of the oldest railway contractors in India with the experience of having completed assignments across diverse terrains for Eastern Railway, North Eastern Railway, South Eastern Railway and Northeast Frontier Railway. The Company enjoys a pre-qualification for projects up to Rs. 450 crore when engaged in international joint ventures. Some of its joint venture partners comprised reputed international names like Road Builder Sdn Berhad, Malaysia.

Tantia’s railway exposure has comprised the following:
Core infrastructure 4 Survey, fixing of alignment and designing of track Embankment and cuttings
4 Bridges and tunnels
4 Steel girder fabrication and erection
Track laying 4 Laying of ballast and concrete sleepers
4 Laying of rails and fittings, flash butt welding for long rails
4 Signalling and electrification
4 Maintenance of railroads and rail infrastructure
Value-addition 4 Value-addition
4 Buildings, railway stations and terminals
4 Light rail and mass rapid transport system infrastructure
4 BOT/ BOOT projects

Our strengths

Timely project execution skills

Road projects require a significant capital outlay making it imperative for projects to be completed punctually. Tantia’s comprehensive project mapping, planning and implementation skills in quicker project delivery is reflected in the fact that in 2006, the company completed and handed over 35 projects without any liquidated damages related to time overrun.

Prudent equipment utilization

Tantia enjoys robust equipment allocation flexibility between sites to ensure on-call equipment availability derived from strong vendor outsourcing elationships. As an extension, owned assets are deployed across remote project sites, while hired equipment is deployed across urban locations. Proactive claims and contract


Land acquisition and design are critical in road projects. To minimise project delays, Tantia has created a dedicated claims and contract management cell.

Quality mandate

The Company appreciates the quality imperative of its business and has commissioned laboratories across all sites, equipped with world-class equipment. As a result, instant quality checks are easily possible throughout project duration. Besides, various engineering precision are checked and approved as per client specifications.

Speedy project execution

The Company has built a reputation of liquidating projects within the stipulated timeframe, thus keeping the client satisfied. The fact that the Company has a vast experience in the segment of railway infrastructure also results in better project management skills and adhering to time constraints in particular.