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Power for all by 2012. Record power generation and transmission targets in the Eleventh Plan. Award of 4,000-MW power projects. Growing regional power imbalances. Tantia possesses a robust experience in the turnkey management of power-transmission projects.

Tantia’s presence in the power infrastructure segment

The Company entered the T&D solutions segment in 2005 and possesses an expertise in beam foundation, lattice structure erection, conductor stringing and cable-laying systems.




Robust project execution skills

The division is well positioned to execute projects with speed and skill due to its core understanding of power project requirements. The company is also planning to venture into the development of a design department to enhance plant design engineering.

Strong quality focus

In line with the quality consciousness of the Company, the division has prioritised the uality quotient. It has signed agreements with consultants who advise the company in executing EPC projects.

Proven track record

The track record of the company in terms of project management and delivery is one of the best in the country. The division seeks to leverage it and stay competitive.

Long-term strategic vision

The division is focusing on creating a niche in the EPC space, driving the evolution of the company from a construction major to an integrated consultant with design competence. This will enable the Company to gain prominence in the segment and remain viable over the long-term. Engineering might: The division expects to leverage its strong capabilities in civil, mechanical and structural engineering to entrench its presence in the country’s
core infrastructure sector.