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276 major port projects identified up to 2011-12. Proposed investment of Rs. 55,804 cr. Investments will enhance national port capability and throughput. Tantia possesses proven relevant capabilities projects alongside rivers that can be extended to ports.

Tantia’s presence in marine infrastructure

Tantia Constructions ventured into the marine infrastructure space in 2003. The company now possesses proven capabilities in building tunnels, jetties and steel girders along rivers.




Expertise in difficult projects

In the field of jetty construction, the company is experienced in taking up projects with a high level of uncertainty and scour level up to 30 metres deep. In the field of massive coastal embankment, Tantia has executed projects in Bangladesh amid low-and high-tide conditions.

Technology edge

The Company has incorporated intelligent soil reengineering and modification methods through the deployment of eosynthetics and suitable mechanical means.